The 01/23/13 Joy Jar

22 Jan

Moi has an early appointment tomorrow with the hairdresser. Since moi will be covering the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Seattle beginning on 1/25, along with other harried journalists and bloggers, moi wants to look her best while she is running to and fro. Last Friday, moi got a manicure, it that tangerine rosy color. It looks good and makes people think of Spring. The checker at Kress Market commented and said it made her think of Spring. Anyhow, moi has to get up early because the hair appointment is just the start of a busy day. Better set the alarm clock. Today’s deposit into the “Joy Jar’ is my trusty alarm clock.


Work is a necessity for man. Man invented the alarm clock.
Pablo Picasso


I like things that are simple, such as an alarm clock.
Martin Freeman

I miss the days in college when my alarm clock would be

set in the P.M.


The truth is like an alarm clock. You might not want to

hear it…but it will wake you up from your dreams and

bring you back to reality.


If you think its your alarm clock that wakes you every morning, try putting it next to a corpse and understand the Grace of GOD!!!



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