Press release: THE OLD BLACK FART

20 Sep

Dr. Wilda, THE OLD BLACK FART to Offer Exclusive, Ad-Free Political and Social Commentary content on the new TidBitts “Direct-To-Fan” Platform
Curated, ‘bite-sized” information from her unique perspective, delivered for only 99 cents per month

SEATTLE, WA – September 21, 2014 — Dr. Wilda, THE OLD BLACK FART is helping her followers to step outside their comfort zone through THE OLD BLACK FART. Part of the “direct-to-fan” movement, THE OLD BLACK FART provides exclusive, ad-free mind tweaking from the Black conservative perspective on the new TidBitts publishing platform. Subscribers receive curated content packaged in “just-right” portions that can be read and watched by busy consumers in about 60 seconds, on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Dr. Wilda, has a J.D. from Yale Law School and a doctorate in Education Leadership from Seattle University.

“I’m excited to help my fans get beyond the typical or expected mind set for a Black person in my new THE OLD BLACK FART subscription stream. Subscribers will get this exclusive content “weekly”,” said Dr. Wilda. “Consumers are busy. I respect the fact that fans want only my best material and don’t have the time to go hunting for it. The “direct-to-fan” nature of TidBitts allows for a terrific, ad-free experience for today’s busy consumer.”

No one else will tell you
Dr. Wilda says this about that. Really.

“My fans will receive what they want and be able to read and watch it when they want it through the free TidBitts reader app (available on Apple and Android devices). My fans can now get their minds tweaked in 60 seconds,” said Dr. Wilda. “It’s easy to try because the first month is free, it’s only 99 cents per month, and they can unsubscribe any time they want.”

Subscribers will get the THE OLD BLACK FART content sent to any of their devices including their smartphone, tablet or via the web.

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About Dr. Wilda

Dr. Wilda, has a J.D. from Yale Law School and a doctorate in Education Leadership from Seattle University.
Dr. Wilda can be reached at:

About TidBitts
TidBitts is an exciting new low cost, premium content subscription platform used by Creators (content providers) to provide their fans a 99¢ per month subscription to a Stream of their exclusive text, image, audio and/or video content. The “Direct To Fan” TidBitts platform is used by authors, entertainers, religious leaders, niche magazines and subject matter experts to generate a sustainable, recurring revenue stream and to engage more deeply with their fans. See


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