The 09/03/13 Joy Jar

3 Sep

Moi was walking and came across this yard with pinwheels everywhere. Was it a celebration? What could be the meaning? Pinwheel Girls offers one explanation:
Pinwheel Symbolism
Did you know that the symbolic meaning of a pinwheel is “to turn one’s luck around?” Chinese culture believes the pinwheel is an instrument to turn obstacles into opportunities and as such they are a revered symbol during Chinese New Year festivities.
Pinwheels are found world-wide all over the globe and basically have retained their simple, recognizable shape and function from culture to culture. Their symbolism is really quite profound representing such diverse concepts as childhood innocence, unseen energy, wish fulfillment and transformation. In many parts of the world, pinwheels have a deep spiritual significance as well.
Today’s deposit into the ‘Joy Jar’ are those beautiful pinwheels.

“The whirligig of time brings in his revenges.”
William Shakespeare

“The intellect is a very nice whirligig toy, but how people take it seriously is more than I can understand.”
Ezra Pound

The world itself was a whirligig, its myriad parts invisibly linked, the hidden crankshafts and connecting rods carrying motion across the globe and over the centuries.”
Megan Kinsworthy

One thing that was ubiquitous to every flower market that I had gone to during The Spring Festival, were the many bright and colorful pinwheels that children and young people had with them. There were tons of vendors too, that only sold pinwheels. Kimi had once explained to me that this was not just a colorful toy for the children, but that it was also a powerful symbol that dated back thousands of years. He said that the spinning pinwheel was a traditional symbol that represented the the flowing in and out of fortune. As the colorful pinwheel spun, the bad luck was being cast out and was being replaced by the good luck.
Arby, Blogger

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