The 05/22/13 Joy Jar

21 May


People do it. Dogs do it and cats do it. What is it? Yawn. KidsHealth attempted to answer the question of Why Do I Yawn? There was really no good answer other than we do. Moi just couldn’t stop yawning today. A couple of the yawns would get points for style. Today’s deposit into the ‘Joy Jar’ is a really good yawn.

You can have the greatest player in terms of mastering an instrument and you could be yawning your head off when you hear them. So, it’s not what you do, but the way you’re doing it and in the end that’s all that we have.
John McLaughlin

Yawns are not the only infectious things out there besides germs.

Giggles can spread from person to person.

So can blushing.

But maybe the most powerful infectious thing is the act of speaking the truth.”
Vera Nazarian

The director is simply the audience. So the terrible burden of the director is to take the place of that yawning vacuum, to be the audience and to select from what happens during the day which movement shall be a disaster and which a gala night. His job is to preside over accidents.

Orson Welles

A yawn may not be polite, but at least it is an honest opinion”


Cherish forever what makes you unique ‘cuz you’re a real yawn if it goes.”
Bette Midler

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