The 05/19/13 Joy Jar

18 May

Summer begins in June. Summer is a time of renewal and growth. Moi has certain goals for this coming summer. She wants to work on major writing projects. Many writers are introverts as is moi. This summer she also wants to increase her networks. Today’s deposit into the ‘Joy Jar’ is personal expansion.

It occurs to me that our survival may depend upon our talking to one another.”
Dan Simmons, Hyperion

Social networking is about building people up in your network NOT tearing them down”
Tasha Turner

What people say and feel about you when you’ve left a room is precisely your job while you are in it.”
Rasheed Ogunlaru

Becoming well known (at least among your prospects & connections) is the most valuable element in the connection process.”
Jeffrey Gitomer

The choice isn’t between success and failure; it’s between choosing risk and striving for greatness, or risking nothing and being certain of mediocrity.”
Keith farrazzi

The leader goes also to the less traditional networking meetings. The manager participates in networking events organized and promoted.”
Elena D. Calin, Leader versus Manager

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