The 05/17/13 Joy Jar

16 May

‘They’ whoever ‘they’ are – well, ‘they’ are trying to force all transaction online. One can get e-cards, pay bills online and of course, there is e-mail. Still, there is nothing like the handwritten word and sometimes one needs an envelope to send something to someone that can’t be sent online. You remember envelopes exist when you need one. Today’s deposit into the ‘Joy Jar’ is the envelope.

For most men, life is a search for the proper manila envelope in which to get themselves filed.
Clifton Fadiman

A good many young writers make the mistake of enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope, big enough for the manuscript to come back in. This is too much of a temptation to the editor.
Ring Lardner

Letters are expectation packaged in an envelope.
Shana Alexander

The man who works for the gold in the job rather than for the money in the pay envelope, is the fellow who gets on”

Joseph French Johnson

In all things that involve social pressures, if we want to see change we have to force the envelope outwards.”

Gary Lee Phillips

ENVELOPE, n. The coffin of a document; the scabbard of a bill; the husk of a remittance; the bed-gown of a love-letter.”

Ambroise Bierce

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