The 03/05/13 Joy Jar

4 Mar

There are two types of people in the I need to white out a mistake category. There are the ‘old school’ types like moi who use liquid corrective fluid and the more advanced who use corrective tape. Moi’s problem with the corrective tape is that it breaks or jams. Then one has to try and get the tape back into the feeder channel for the corrective tape to work. Still, when one needs to correct something, whether liquid or tape, corrective fluid or tape works. Today’s deposit into the ‘Joy Jar’ is corrective fluid.

These quotes are courtesy of the Board of Wisdom:

Life is like a pen, paper, and white out.

Paper is your life.
The Pen is you.

We go through life making our mark wherever we go.

It is impossible to never make a mistake.

Sometimes we scratch it out. Start a new sentence or just continue on like it doesn’t exist.

Sometimes we use whiteout to hide it and mask it. Pretend it’s not there, pretend it never happened. We write over it, above it, below it, around it.

Sometimes we don’t even know we made a mistake until we stop and take the time to reflect and review.

We stop using whiteout when we don’t care.
We stop scratching out when we don’t mind.
We stop looking for mistakes when it doesn’t matter.

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